Using the FantasticX Push Notification Service

To use the push notifications service, developers need to login to developer admin and using the admin tool to fill in the push notifications message that developers want to send to their app users. Before developers begin to broadcast the message to their dedicated app users, FantasticX admin provides a test drive for developers to send out the push message to their own device for preview, they only need to provide the device token of their test drive device then the push message will be sent to the dedicated test drive device for preview. Once developers are satisfied with the preview, they are ready to send out the push message to their app users. Developers can also schedule the send job to specific date and time.

Push Notifications Delivery Options

Developers can selectively choose to deliver their push notifications messages in different criteria such as,

- deliver to multiple of apps
- by country, city
- by platform - iOS, Android
- by device - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet
- by OS - iOS4, iOS5, Android 2.1, Android 4, etc.
- by Internet Service Provider (ISP)
- by Telco
- by language
- by number of users they want to send
- choose local time and send in scheduled date and time
- send all at once
- send to all within user defined number of hours