Banner Feature

FantasticX Banner is more than a traditional static banner, it is interactive and it can bring different actions to users such as,

- click to call
- click to launch in-app browser
- click to URL
- click to email
- click to apple app store/google play

Banner Publishing for Advertisers

- by country, city
- by platform - iOS, Android
- by device - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet
- by OS - iOS4, iOS5, Android 2.1, Android 4, etc.
- by Internet Service Provider (ISP)
- by Telco
- by language
- set specific budget spend per day

Banner Publishing for Developers

Every developers can earn money from displaying banners served by FantasticX Advertising Network. Developers can earn the money from banner impressions and banner click through which offered by advertisers. All banner display are prioritized by the bid rate from the bid offered by advertisers in each app. Developers can even set their own minimum rates and filter out certain unwanted advertisers to prevent conflict of interest.