FantasticX contains 3 main features including Push Notifications, In-App Messaging and Banners. All 3 components provide unique functions and features for app developers to add more add-on features to further enrich their apps. To use FantasticX components, developers only need to follow few simple steps.
Push Notifications
FantasticX Push Notifications allow app developers send push notifications message to their users which installed their apps. It is easy to use and support cross platform for iOS and android apps. Before using the push notifications service, developers need to upload the push certificate provided from apple, for iOS, or the authorization token provided from google C2DM, for android, through our FantasticX admin tool and they are ready for the push notifications service.
FantasticX Banner is a place for developers and advertisers to gain their products and services exposure to global of app users across different platforms in iOS and android. Advertisers can easily publish their banner ad in our FantasticX app network in few easy steps.
In-App Messaging
FantasticX In-App Messaging is one of the core components that provideds app developers a one stop fast way to integrate the instant in-app messaging into your app. With in-app messaging, developers can use the SDK to register their users and allow their app users to chat with each other across iOS and android. FantasticX In-App Messaging also provides push notifications service for offline message to your app users when the app is in background mode or even closed. Developers don't have to setup any servers as they are provided free of chare by our sponsors.