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Messages posted by: elvin
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Author Message
you may ignore this thread coz i got it working now... its was due to the key in my app list
after struggling i manage to get the device token from the logcat. this mean the gcm api is implemented correctly right?

when i send a test message to the device token using the push interface... the device seem to be not receiving anything.
i tested it on your demo app and it still not receiving any message.

in the push campaign page, i tested using
Start Time = now
Push Duration : All at once With in
Message Language : Single Language
Device Language : All
Push Environment : Testing
Testing Device Token : my device token
Platform: android

when i click the "Test" button, its always says "Message Sent" but i still not receiving anything both on your android demo app.

Is there a problem on your push service or anything wrong with your demo app or some setting i need to do on the fanstaticX api to receive the push message??

Hope to hear the reply from you soon cause i really have no ideas on to get it working now.

yes... i done that till the step that say "Install the Helper Libraries"
the rest of it is already implement by your demo app

however i still can't get it working.
i have put in the project id in the android demo app and the key to the console but still can't get the device token in the logcat.
the below is my logcat... hope you can help here.. thanks

07-06 11:42:28.815: D/GCMRegistrar(12551): resetting backoff for hk.fantastic.android.demo
07-06 11:42:28.815: V/GCMRegistrar(12551): Registering app hk.fantastic.android.demo of senders [my google project id]
07-06 11:42:28.825: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 64
07-06 11:42:28.835: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 83
07-06 11:42:28.855: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 104
07-06 11:42:28.865: W/dalvikvm(431): disableGcForExternalAlloc: false
07-06 11:42:28.875: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 116
07-06 11:42:28.885: W/InputManagerService(251): [unbindCurrentClientLocked] Disable input method client.
07-06 11:42:28.885: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 138
07-06 11:42:28.885: W/InputManagerService(251): [startInputLocked] Enable input method client.
07-06 11:42:28.905: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 159
07-06 11:42:28.905: D/C2DMRegistrar(440): [C2DMRegistrar.869] register: http error 400
07-06 11:42:28.925: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 181
07-06 11:42:28.935: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 199
07-06 11:42:28.945: V/GCMBroadcastReceiver(12551): onReceive: com.google.android.c2dm.intent.REGISTRATION
07-06 11:42:28.945: V/GCMBroadcastReceiver(12551): GCM IntentService class: hk.fantastic.android.demo.FantasticPushReceiver
07-06 11:42:28.945: V/GCMBaseIntentService(12551): Acquiring wakelock
07-06 11:42:28.955: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 224
07-06 11:42:28.965: W/libagl(251): handle fade alpha 224
07-06 11:42:28.965: D/GCMBaseIntentService(12551): handleRegistration: registrationId = null, error = INVALID_SENDER, unregistered = null
07-06 11:42:28.965: D/GCMBaseIntentService(12551): Registration error: INVALID_SENDER

07-06 11:42:28.965: V/GCMBaseIntentService(12551): Releasing wakelock
in the android demo app... the GCM_SENDER_ID should i put the Google Project ID or the Api Key?

i could not find my device token on the logcat?
i have searched through the logcat but there is no text starting with word "[FantasticSDK] Push......"
i have same issue also with the android demo app. i ran the given demo app on the phone and tablet.
other than the register new user issue... sometimes it shows the app user list and sometime it just says no user list.

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