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While you can build your leg muscles to the point of bulge research has shown that improving your core strength could be just as important in improving your cycling stamina. To prevent those lower back aches and slowing corners it is essential to strengthen your core muscles to get the best out of your legs. By gaining stability in your abs and lower back you will help to eliminate unnecessary upper-body movement so that all your energy can be delivered in smooth pedal strokes Yankees Jon Niese Jersey , which are essential when tackling the tough terrain of somewhere like <"http:www.1sw.orgexperiencecardinham-woods-cycling">Cardinham Woods.

Cycling’s tripod position, which requires the saddle, pedals and handlebar to support your weight Yankees Michael Pineda Jersey , relies on core strength, but unfortunately doesn’t help to build it. So if you’re ready to take your cycling to the next level why not try the following core-building routine as recommended by <"http:www.1sw.org">1 South West. It takes just 10 minutes and if performed three-to-four times a week could see you achieving your cycling goals. Love cycling and <"http:www.1sw.orgexperiencemountain-biking-south-west-uk">mountain biking in the UK and looking to improve your every pedal? Let’s get to work!

1. Plank
a. What it works and why: Transverse abdominals, upper and lower back. This will help to build strength and muscular endurance in your torso which will prevent reliance on the bike’s handlebars.
b. Lying on your stomach place your elbows at shoulder level with hands and forearms in front. Keeping feet together lift your hips off the floor Yankees Aaron Hicks Jersey , creating a straight line from shoulders to heels.
c. Hold for 30 seconds and rest for 15. Repeat 3 times.

2. Power Bridge
a. What it works and why: Hip flexors, glutes and lower back. This movement will stretch hip flexors and strengthen the link between your lower back and glutes.
b. Lie on back and place heels near glutes with arms at side. Squeezing your glutes raise your hips towards the ceiling to form a straight line from shoulders to knees and hold for 2 seconds before lowering your hips a couple of inches from floor before raising again.
c. Repeat movement continuously for 20 seconds before resting for 10 and repeat 3 times.

3. V-Sit
a. What it works and why: Transverse, abdominals and lower back. As with the plank this move will improve the core strength needed for when bent over the handlebars for hours.
b. Sitting on the floor lift your legs straight to form a 90 degree angle with your upper-body by extending your arms forward at shoulder height. Hold your abs tight. If you feel your hamstrings tightening bend your knees a little.
c. Hold the following move for 30 seconds Yankees Tyler Clippard Jersey , followed by 15 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times.

4. Scissor Kick
a. What it works and why: Transverse abdominals, hip flexors, inner and outer thighs. Improving these muscles which help you achieve hip Yankees Joe Girardi Jersey , knee and forefoot alignment, which will deliver an efficient pedal stoke.
b. Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms by your sides. Raise your shoulders off the floor as your raise your legs around 3-4 inches off floor and cross them over one another repeatedly, ‘scissor’ them.
c. Do exercise continuously for 20 seconds before resting for 10. Repeat 3 times

5. Transverse Plank
a. What it works and why: Transverse abdominals and obliques. By improving these muscles you will improve your saddle stability.
b. Lie on your side with your elbow under your shoulder placing your one leg on top of other and raise your free arm overhead. Lift your hips to create a straight line down your body then lower hips a few inches off floor before lifting again.
c. Repeat exercise for 20 seconds before switching sides. Repeat 3 times each side.
Different Types of Perfume Making Procedures at your home Published: 19.10.2009 | Author: admin | Category: Beauty
Perfume plays a vital important role in our life. So care must be taken in selecting a perfume for you. There are different types of Perfumes for different types of events and occasions. Shopping for different types perfumes is a cost effective matter. So here are the some procedures to make Perfume at your home Yankees Austin Romine Jersey , which saves your money and time.

Whispering Rain Perfume:
Things you??l need:
?????Three tablespoons of ethyl alcohol
?????Two cups distilled water
?????Ten drop of bergamot fragrance oil
?????5 drops of sandalwood oil
?????Ten drops of cassis essential oil.

Mix all the ingredients in an airtight bottle and shake well to mix it. Before use, leave it for 12-15 hours. When you use it shake well and save it in a cool and dry area.
Falling stars perfume:
Things you??l need:
?????Take 2 cups of distilled water
?????5 drops of lavender essential oil
?????10 drops of chamomile essential oil
?????10 drops of valerian essential oils
?????3-tablespoon vodka.

Procedure: Pour all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well. Bottle should be a dark colored one. Allow it to rest for at least 12 hours before use. Make sure to store it at a dry place.

Amaze Perfume:
Things you??l need:
?????10 drops of cypress essential oil
?????3 tbsp of ethyl alcohol or vodka
?????2 cups of distilled water
?????5 drops of hypericum perforatum essential oil
?????10 drops of rosemary essential oil.
Method: Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Then pour the mixture in a bottle. Leave it for 12-15 hours. Store this at dry and cool place. Shake it well before use.

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