Mobile Advertising

FantasticX application promotion platform integrate over 1000 high quality download sites and 20,000 variety of software and games, building a unified management, multi-point distribution, quick launch APP promotional platform.

How monetization works

Install the SDK

Once you've installed the FantasticX SDK into your app, the ads to be shown on your App and where they should go.

Users click on ads

Ads from Fantastic advertisers are displayed in your app and users click on the ads they like.

You earn money

Get paid every time users click on ads in your app and keep track of your earnings from the AdMob reporting dashboard.

Learn why thousands of app developers use FantasticX

Cross platform

FantasticX connects you with advertisers looking to reach users across platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Innovative ads

Choose from a range of ads across mobile devices and tablets, including interactive ad units and Custom Search Ads for mobile.

Flexible and powerful tools

Filters and controls help you manage your ads. If you want to use multiple ad networks, you will be able to do so with free ad network mediation.

It's time to start making money from your app

Here's what you need:

  • A mobile app to display the ads.
  • The latest FantasticX SDK integrated into your app.
  • A bank account for your earnings!

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free FantasticX account to start making money from your app.

FantasticX Ad Network Mediation

Want to use multiple ad networks?

FantasticX has a free ad network mediation feature that enables you to monetize your app with multiple ad networks and to maximize fill rates and revenue. You can allocate traffic across ad networks by percentage, location or ad revenue (eCPM). What's best? You can keep track of everything in just one dashboard, with best-in-class FantasticX reporting.

Quality and Control

With our dedicated solutions team, we provide 24/7 service to ensure the smooth operation of the FantasticX platform. Stringent guidelines with detailed information will be provided to the developers and advertiser. In addition, all applications and advertisments will be screened to ensure all content contained are law abiding. Intrusive ads will be blacklisted and blocked.

Advertiser worldwide

FantasticX application platform integrates over 1000 high quality download sites which reaches advertisers from all over the world. Hence, your Apps and Ads will go worldwide as well.

Target customer

FantasticX is a cross-platform software development kit. Regardless of iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 applications, our FantasticX platform will fit in. For advertisers looking to reach users across platforms, we are the right choice for you.

Real time report

Just one dashboard, you will be able to track the most up-to-date record, including tracking the download times, numbers of banner or ad impression and the amount that you have earned